therapy with Lisa Adams

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The birth of therapy with la was the result of a lifelong dream of the owner, Lisa Adams. Lisa started her career as a young sales representative working in a corporate setting. She translated her experience into an original dynamic concept, therapy with la, which has grown into regional prominence. She is a veteran to the fashion world and specializes in sophistication and elegance.

This talent entitled Lisa to confidently position herself to represent important designers such as tracy reese, plenty by tracy reese, max studio, rock & republic and miss me. She is the driving force behind her determination and dedication to hard work. This is reflected through her innate ability to develop and maintain the most productive and positive relationship in the industry.

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"As the owner of molly new york I can attest to the wonderful integrity that therapy with la bring to the distribution of the line. We have grown consistently during the past 3 years and have had a constant dialogue with Lisa and her team who have played a major roll in the growth and success of our business."
Megan Freedman - Owner and Founder of Molly New York & Latitude Showroom

"As a buyer for Tootsies, therapy with la provides me with the best new designers and excellent one on one service all while maintaining a fun and energetic showroom atmosphere. The buzz and excitement in her showroom draws me in and makes me want to shop there."
Pam Beets - Director of Sales and Merchandise

"I have been buying from Lisa Adams Showroom for over 10 years and have always been impressed by the exceptional customer service and professional attitude demonstrated by Lisa and her staff. I have watched Lisa evolve her showroom concept, road business, and selection of designers that put her status above and beyond any other sales representative in the Southeast. Lisa continues to amaze me as a sharp, talented, and cutting-edge businesswoman that I can always rely on for a peek into the next phase of the fashion industry."
Tina M. Hart - Creator and Owner Luna, Inc.

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